Trek Netting in False Bay & Cape Town

Trek Net Fishing in Cape Town and False Bay

Trek Net Fishing Boat
Trek Net Fishing Boat

What is trek netting?

A fishing tradition that has been practiced in False Bay, Cape Town for centuries (evidence suggests trek netting is at least 320 years old). The families and crews that fish in this unique style have been doing so for many generations and have special permits that allow them to do so.

How do you trek net?

The mechanics of it is simple;  a spotter sits up high looking for activity in the water to signify a shoal of fish, he will then radio down to the crew who will prepare the nets, they then row out with the nets and attempt to enclose the shoal of fish. Once back on land the nets are opened wide and slowly pulled in, hopefully with plenty of fish.

The trek net is a large fishing net, that is weighted at one end and fitted with floats at the other so that it hangs in the water vertically

What fish is caught in a trek net?

Typically in False Bay trek netting catches are focused on giant yellowtail, silver kob, white stumpnose and shad. All of these fish are commercially caught and fished and deemed to be plentiful in the waters around Cape Town

What is seine-netting?

The same as trek netting, just a different name

Trek netting
The fishermen start to pull the nets in a cautious and measured way.
Trek net fishermen
The trek netting team all pull together
The Trek Netting Catch
When a catch is landed it draws a crowd of curious onlookers and people looking to buy a fresh fish straight from the nets
Fishermen in False Bay
Once the catch is landed the fishermen go into overdrive to firstly protect the catch from the odd guy who tries to sneak one from nets and also work quickly to get the fish onto ice and to market
Trek netting for Yellowtail
At first glance the catch looks good – plenty of Yellowtail
Yellowtail fish
Yellowtail fish
Trek netting fishing for Yellowtail
This particular day yielded a good haul of yellowtail caught in the nets
Fresh Yellowtail caught by trek netting

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