Tokai Braai and Picnic Area

Tokai Forest Pine Tree
Tokai Forest Pine Tree

Tokai Forest Braai Area

The South African braai is best enjoyed out in the wilderness, away from the kitchen, TV, electricity and Wi-Fi! That is, of course, easier said than done – it’s not easy to find a spot in the wild that really lets you connect with Cape Town. Luckily the City of Cape Town provides a few areas in the city that are designated public spaces where you can enjoy one of South Africa’s favourite past times, the braai!

Braai Meat Cooking On The Grid
Braai Meat Cooking On The Grid

The Tokai braai and picnic park is just on the edge of the famous Tokai forest plantation and close to the Tokai arboretum, this ensures that you are well and truly out in mother nature enjoying all she has to offer! It also gives easy access to many of the hiking trails and cycle trails that are situated in the plantation. There are also Chacma baboons that frequent the area and easily attracted to the smells of a braai, remember that they can become aggressive if you try to confront them and it is highly advisable to avoid them.

What does a typical South African braai consist of?

  • A wood fire with coals to cook the meat and vegetables, no gas!
  • A staple at most braais is boerewors – a traditional spiced sausage
  • Chicken breast or chicken legs sometimes with peri-peri spices
  • Lamb chops or lamb ribs
  • A selection of salads
  • Melees (corn on the cob) cooked directly on the grid over hot coals
  • sousboontjies (a bean sauce / salad)

The braai area is managed by the South African National Parks organisation and falls under the Table Mountain national park and as such there is an entrance fee.

How much is it to get into the Tokai Braai and Picnic Park?

  • South African Citizens and Residents (with ID): Adult R36 per day and Children R18 per day and R25 per car
  • SADC Nationals (with passport): Adult R72 per day and Children R36 per day and R25 per car
  • Standard Conservation Fee (Foreign Visitors): Adult R144 per day and Children R72 per day and R25 per car
Tokai forest

The Tokai park area is also a safe space for the young mountain biker to get some experience riding over slightly rough terrain and provides a space to cycle.

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