Take to the skies with the Cape Wheel

The Cape Wheel At The Waterfront
The Cape Wheel

Take to the skies with the Cape Wheel: an icon in the Cape Town landscape

When it comes to Cape Town landmarks, certainly one that always stands out is the world-famous Table Mountain. However, another sight has also proven to be popular over the years – the Cape Wheel, which allows those frequenting this impressive structure to get incredible views of the Mother City.

This striking attraction was designed in 2007 in Germany by Ronald Bussink and stands an impressive 40 metres tall. Interestingly enough, it took about a week to assemble the wheel, which has certainly had its share of travels.

It has been to Belgium, Germany and Sweden, and first visited Cape Town in 2010, the year that South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup. Initially slated to only remain in Cape Town for six months, the Cape Wheel now enjoys pride of place at the V&A Waterfront.

This is definitely a bonus for Capetonians – after all, who wouldn’t want to take to the skies to tell the tale afterwards!

What can I see on the Cape Wheel?

  • Stunning views of Table Mountain
  • Stunning views of Lions Head and Signal Hill
  • Robin Island
  • Cape Town City
  • The V&A Waterfront

For those who prefer a slightly more leisurely experience when it comes to some of the top venues on visitors’ bucket lists when they come to Cape Town, the wheel provides a view that is breath-taking and perfectly suited for a relaxed viewing pleasure. No need to spend hours on foot: you can truly have it all while taking in every moment from comfortable, modern seating. If you have ever wondered how long a ride on the Wheel lasts, let’s just say it is not a flash in the pan! This incredible experience includes four revolutions, which lasts around 15 minutes. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the visual feast that you can enjoy. Definitely a perk of the Cape Wheel is that it offers wheelchair-friendly compartments as well, adding wonderful accessibility to this sought-after experience.

The Cape Wheel – Safe, secure and convenient

Over and above abiding by strict safety protocols, each of the 30 fully enclosed cabins is air-conditioned and offers exceptional comfort. Also, South African senior citizens can look forward to discounted rides when they present their valid South African IDs.

Why not make a day of it!

Thanks to its perfect location at the V&A Waterfront, your visit to the Cape Wheel is the perfect opportunity to also explore famous eateries at this well-known shopping destination, as well as various shops ranging from those selling famous brands and luxury items to nostalgic keepsakes and grocery items.

Have the Cape Town City pass?

If you already have your Cape Town City pass, the good news is that you can enjoy a ride on the Cape Wheel for free. So, why not consider making a ride on the Cape Wheel part of your travelling experience – remember, it is not just for tourists, locals can also join the fun!

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