The Best Sunrise Location in Cape Town

muizenberg sunrise cape town
Sunrise over Muizenberg Beach

As dawn breaks, Cape Town awakens to a mesmerizing spectacle, painting the sky in a symphony of hues. Humans are instinctively drawn to the ethereal allure of the sunrise, like a whispered invitation to embrace the new day. It symbolizes hope, a gentle nudge of optimism that whispers, “Anything is possible.” and in Cape Town anything is possible.

Where is The Best Sunrise Location in Cape Town?

  • The sunrises over False Bay in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, so head south to Muizenberg beach!
  • Mid summer the Cape Town sunrise is around 5:30am – so be prepared for a very early start
  • Mid winter sunrise is around 7:45am – this should give ample time to arrive at the beach, grab a coffee and find a good location
  • Exactly where you stand is all down to personal preference;
    • Ankle deep in the ocean
    • Standing on wet sand
    • close to the beach huts
    • Up on Boyes Drive looking down on the beach and ocean

Each one of these gives the potential for a stunning sunrise photo!

If you are looking for something slightly different then head to Kalk Bay harbor or even to Dalebrook tidal pool in Kalk Bay – each will give a good view of the sun rising and will add some intereting foreground objects.

An African Sunrise
An African Sunrise
Cloudy Cape Town sunrise
Even a cloudy Cape Town sunrise can be stunning

Whilst a dslr camera will allow you to take photos using a variety of lenses as well as the ability for large format printing – a sunrise can still be expertly captured with a smartphone if you have a plan of action before hitting the sand.



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