Kalk Bay Photowalk and Training

Kalk Bay
Kalk Bay Harbor

Kalk Bay in Cape Town is a tiny fishing village, it’s eclectic and has something for everyone.

In the days of old, there used to be the butcher, the post office, the bank, and the local grocer. These buildings nowadays house the many art shops, clothing and sidewalk cafes. Enjoy some of the best coffee in Cape Town. All these establishments have the little fishing harbour in center view. Although it’s a working harbour it is also a tourist must do. A walk along the walls brings you into close contact with the local seals, the seagulls and the fishermen. Watch and enjoy the waves crashing against the wall and rocks. The harbour precinct houses some great fish-and-chip shops. There is also the Harbour House Restaurant which is an upmarket establishment. Great for fine dining with a view.

Forbes magazine named Kalk Bay as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world. How cool is that?

Join my Photowalk to discover this quaint harbour village through your viewfinder. You would have seen above that I am passionate about Kalk Bay. I grew up in the village, spent 30 years of my life there. As a family, our start to the day is to enjoy a sunrise swim in one of the tidal pools. our surf the waves. I photograph the area and I enjoy coffee. 🙂 I am also a professional photographer and photo coach. (My first NFT photo sale was a photo of waves crashing over the harbour wall.) I have conducted many photo coaching sessions on the harbour.

Come join me on one of my photo walks. Or, if you need some training we can enjoy some photo coaching as we go. Whether you are new to photography or an old hand, I will guide you at your pace. The standard photowalk walk starts before sunrise at the harbour. This allows us to take in the beautiful changing colours over False Bay. After sunrise, we walk the walls to capture this unique village during golden hour. Once done shooting, after about an hour and a half, we will enjoy a cup of coffee. We will also review your photos using my notebook. This offers an extended learning experience.

If the sunrise session does not meet your timing we can discuss a tailor-made outing for later in the day.

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