Cape Towns Blue Skies

Blue Oceans & Blue Skies in Cape Town
Blue Skies Cape Town & The Blue Ocean

If you have ever been to Cape Town I am sure the blue sky and blue ocean is still a strong memory from what I suspect was an epic holiday here in the mother city!

But it’s now official, Cape Town, according to research group S Money, scientifically has the bluest skies on the African continent! Whilst reviewing images of capital cities from around the world Using Google street to view the skies they then used ColorPick Eyedropper to rank the shades of blue by their hex code. In order to rank the colours by blueness, they converted RGB codes to CIELAB, the colour space designed by the International Commission on Illustration to approximate human vision, which allowed them to isolate the amount of blue in each image.

Kalk Bay Blue Skies
Kalk Bay Blue Skies

Why Are Cape Towns Skies so Blue?

It’s a combination of location, climate, time of day, geography and air pollution! Cape Town air quality (AQI) sits at 11 which means it’s the healthiest air quality of any African capital city – the rewards can be seen in the stunning beautiful coastal sky and ocean.

Why Are Cape Towns Oceans So Blue?

There is a lot more science involved in this answer and it focuses around the way water absorbs light, the depth of the ocean and the cleanliness of the water – but needless to say Cape Town ranks pretty high in ‘Instagram-worthy’ ocean pictures as well!

Turquoise waters of False Bay
Turquoise waters of False Bay

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