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Bodyboard Coaching with Bodyboard South Africa

Bodyboarding Cape Town
Bodyboard Coaching under Table Mountain

Do you remember that feeling of being a child and running at full speed into the ocean without a care in the world? Well here at Bodyboard South Africa, we do and we want to help recreate that feeling while also assisting you in riding waves and creating memories in the world’s greatest playground- the ocean. At its core bodyboarding (or boogie boarding as you may have heard) can be that escape once more, and if you’ve never had that feeling, well, that’s where we come in.

We want to ensure that the ocean is a playground for all and therefore have created an experience that is two-fold: a family orientated ocean activity enjoyed by all, as well as a sport in which riders can excel and become professionally advanced to ride extreme waves.

Bodyboarding under Table Mountain
Body boarding at the Hoek

Bodyboard Coaching?

What makes us so unique? Well, we are based in South Africa’s own Mother city, Cape Town, and this coastline boasts some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring sceneries, and of course it helps that we’ve got the widest range of wave types and beaches to choose from in South Africa. Just imagine paddling out on your bodyboard a crisp morning with the sun rising in front of you and the refreshing splash of either the Indian or Atlantic Ocean down your back. We’re certain you’ve heard of our incredible mountains and reserves, so how about picturing yourself traversing down the mountain onto a white sandy beach break with your private audience being our indigenous baboon, the infamous eland and unique beach zebra! Yes, you read that- zebras on the beach. Our coastline is incredibly diverse and we can guarantee you a wave and experience that will match your ability as well as your adventurous spirit. We pride ourselves in providing a one-of-a-kind experience to every customer and give you a 100% guarantee that you will catch a wave. What’s more, is we’ll catch you catching a wave on camera so that you can boast all about it to your friends and family back home.

Beach briefing
Beach briefing

We have a variety of packages to choose from to suit your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then contact us to arrange a custom-made experience. Every time your bodyboard (or ours- we also do rentals) touches the water, it will be a moment to remember, therefore, we also offer a filming package to capture the experience which you can take home along with the stoke from your session.

Some of the bodyboard coaching packages we offer are:

  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • A one-day guided bodyboarding experience riding up to three different waves
  • A family bodyboarding lesson
  • A 7-day guided bodyboarding experience
Party wave
Party wave

Perhaps you’ve bodyboarded before and have lost your confidence or you want to enjoy an outdoor activity that your entire family can be a part of. Well then Bodyboard South Africa is the right choice. We want to share the special community with you, help you regain or grow your ocean awareness and confidence while also giving you the life-long tools to be able to stroke into stoke!

Contact us today and let’s boogie!

Head Coach Aden Kleve
Head Coach Aden Kleve

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