World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary

World of birds Wildlife Sanctuary in Hout Bay boasts over 3000 birds and other small animals of 400 different species in Africa’s largest wild bird park. 

The World of Birds and Monkey Park in Hout Bay

  • Over 3000 individual birds with over 400 different species – all living in custom built aviaries
  • 38 new world monkeys, you can interact with them directly as you walk through their enclosure
  • The sanctuary also has a busy hospital, orphanage and a small breeding center.

There is a small but highly energetic troop of new world monkeys living at the world of birds Monkey Jungle. Typically found in the tropical jungles of Central and South America, these monkeys are extremely quick and mischievous.

There are many tropical birds that call the World of Birds home, such as this beautiful yellow crested cockatoo.

How do I get to the World of Birds Sanctuary?

  • The sanctuary is located on Valley Road in Hout Bay
  • It opens its doors from 9am till 5pm everyday
  • Under 3 years old is free entrance and adults pay up to R130