Tidal Pools

The cost around Cape Town offers many great tidal pools with relatively safe and secure swimming all year round from the False Bay coast to the open ocean Atlantic side.

So What’s So Great About Swimming in a Tidal Pool?

  • Experience the ocean but no fear of the tides or currents potentially pulling you out to deeper waters.
  • No danger of Cape Towns marine wild life coming to nibble your toes.
  • Slightly warmer waters than the open ocean due to the waters being caught inside the pool.
  • Great exercise as with all swimming activities.
  • Great way to meet some Cape Town locals, there are many early morning swimming clubs that meet at tidal pools.

When the ocean is cool and at times cold the waters in the Capes tidal pools can be much warmer and inviting. They give the added security of no real current accept for the ocean hitting the walls of the pool.

Sunrise and early mornings on the False Bay side of the peninsular can be get a little crowded at the tidal pools, but there is no better way to start the day than a swim at the Dale brook tidal pool in Kalk Bay.

Where Are the best tidal pools in Cape Town?

  • Dalebrook tidal pool – This tidal pool can be found in Kalk Bay, it is easy to miss as it out of sight just over the railway tracks. Get there as early as possible to enjoy the sunrise as the sun goes behind the mountain by about 4pm during the summer.
  • Maidens Cove tidal pool – Maidens Cove is another hidden gem of a tidal pool, it is located amongst the rocks on Victoria Road between Glen Beach and Camps Bay. The views are stunning of the 12 Apostles mountain range as well beautiful vistas.
  • St James Tidal Pools – A popular and often busy tidal pool, but well worth a visit. It is lined with beautiful colourful bathing beach boxes and is very family friendly. As with most pools in Cape Town it is best to get there early to avoid the crowds.
  • Saunders Rock tidal pool – This beautiful tidal pool is located in Bantry Bay – in the immediate vicinity of a beautiful white sandy beach. The tall granite boulders give perfect protection to the wind on those long hot summer days. A perfect spot to watch the sunset!