Surfing Cape Town

The ocean around Cape Town provides some of the best surfing to be found anywhere in the world! What ever the wind direction there is a spot waiting to be surfed.

Surfing in Cape Town, what do I need to know?

  • Sharks – Firstly lets address the man in the grey suit, the great white sharks! Yes they are in the water all year round, but at popular beaches there are shark spotters who keep a look for unusual activity. If you hear a siren / loud haler then clear the water quickly and calmly.
  • The sun – Bring sun tan lotion and lots of it – if you spending a few hours in the water anywhere in Cape Town (even in the winter months) then be sure to apply plenty of SPF 30+ No one wants to look like a lobster!
  • Beach safety – If you plan on surfing some of the quieter beaches then let some one know where you are surfing, ensure you have a cell phone or even consider using a surf guide. They will be able to help pick the right spot for the swell conditions on that day as well provide tips on staying safe at the beach and in the line up.

Cape Town is blessed by surf spots which are perfectly located for the sunrise and some for sunset, the choice is yours!

If sunrise is your time of day then head to Muizenberg beach and enjoy some gentle waves as the sun peaks over the mountains on the far side of the bay.

For an African sunset, head over the mountain to Noordhoek – the waves are a little bigger and the water is a little colder but the sands are soft and beach is long.

Surfing in Cape Town

Cape Town is regarded as one of the best surf cities and is on many surfers bucket list. World class longboarding spots are aplenty as well surf breaks that start at 4ft and can reach up to 20ft and beyond. It’s best to know your limit and if in doubt ask a guide where would be best for some one of your ability.

Cape Town isn’t just a dream destination for surfing, there are many epic surf breaks for bodyboarding with round barrels and perfect lips to hit on offer all year round.

Where to surf in Cape Town?

  • Surfers Corner / Muizenberg beach – A great longboarding and excellent place to learn to surf, locally known at Surfers Corner it is also the birth place of South African surfing with the first waves being surfed standing up by Heather Price around 1919.
  • Cemetery – On the False Bay coastline a few miles down the beach from Muizenberg – if Muizenberg is 2ft and offshore then expect Cemetery to be 1-2ft bigger. Can get a little sharky!
  • Longbeach – Located in Kommetjie, a great wave but can get super crowded in the summer months.
  • The Hoek – Big icy cold barrels, not for the feint hearted. This surf spot is nestled under Chapmans Peak drive and offers stunning mountain backdrops to stunning barrels.
  • Dunes – Big cold blue water barrels, not for the novice! Some say one of Cape Towns best wave spots, entails a 30-40 minute walk along the sand.
  • Llandudno – Located in a small sleepy suburb with the potential for epic cold water barrels.