Cape Point

Cape Point

Cape Point can be found at the most south western tip of the Cape Peninsular. It offers spectacular ocean views with scores of wildlife both land and sea based. A trip to one of South Africa’s top tourist destinations really will help you to connect with Africa – as you stand and gaze out and contemplate just how far you are from home!

What Is There To Do at Cape Point?

  • Take in the stunning scenery – Standing at one of the most South westerly tip of Africa offers some of the most stunning mountain, ocean and beach views you will find anywhere on earth!
  • Hiking in Cape Point – There are countless hiking trails in Cape Point that will take you through stunning fynbos trails and sandy beaches as well as some overnight options as well.
  • Swim at the Buffels Bay tidal pools – This small stretch of beach offers stunning picnic spots as well as natural tidal pools with virtually no one around, one of Cape Points treats for sure.
  • Hike The Shipwreck Trail – There are an official 26 shipwreck sites in the Cape Point reserve, hike the trail to

The older lighthouse at Cape Point was built in 1859, but was built to high at 262 meters above sea level. During foggy weather the lighthouse tended to be obscured and would cause treacherous conditions. A new one was built at a lower level of 87 meters in 1914 and is now the most powerful on the South African coast with a range of 40 miles.


What animals are there in cape point?

The wild life in the Cape Point nature reserve is varied and stunning and gives a small glimpse into the African bush. Here a Bontebok gazes directly at the camera. View of baboons, zebra, ostrich,  grysbok, leopard tortoises and porcupines are just a few of the many many animals that call the nature reserve home. The bird spotting potential is also a big draw for the patient.

Baby Baboon

The locals in Cape Point are clearly the baboons – whilst they roam far and wide they can be found on the surrounding roads even before you go through the main entrance! Whilst cute, they are wild animals and at times can be vicious – it’s best to give them a wide birth.

How Do You Get To Cape Point?

  • Cape Point is at the very end of the Cape Peninsular – follow the main road (M4) from Simons Town south until you turn onto Cape Point Road (the M65) and turn right into the main entrance
  • +27 21 7809010