Boulders Beach Penguin Colony

No trip to Cape Town is complete without a visit to the Boulders beach penguin colony. Enjoy dazzling blue waters, soft white sands and the cute African jackass penguin.

What Is There To Do at Boulders Beach?

  • Penguin Viewing There are purpose built board walks and viewing points set out all along the beach for you to view the penguins, they are typically most active early in the morning and late afternoon. Midday they have the hot African sun to contend with and tend to laze around.
  • Swim At Boulders Beach – Whilst you can’t get down to the beach where the actual penguins are located there are many stunning small beaches within the boulders beach area. The large granite boulders offer great protection from the winds and ocean swells.
  • Swim With The Penguins – If you are patient and swim at the right time of the day there is a chance a curious penguin may come up to you and swim by! Do not try to touch or swim after them – they are wild and endangered.
  • Restaurants and Souvenir Shops – There are several well placed restaurants and souvenir shops close to the beach. One stand out being Sea Forth restaurant, a favourite of the locals!

The cute and often noisy African penguin have been permanent residents at Boulders Beach in Simons Town since 1982 when a couple of breeding pairs settled on the soft white sands – word spread quickly amongst the penguin community as there are now an estimated 2,500 – 3,000 birds.

Beach Penguins

The large granite boulders that are strewn around the beaches here offer great protection from the SE summer wind and if there any strong ocean swells. The waters are cool and the sand is soft and it offers the perfect spot for a morning at the beach.

How Do I Get To Boulders Beach?

  • Boulders beach is a short drive south along the main road from Simons Town
  • Keep a look out for the penguin and boulders beach road signs and then turn down to the beach.
  • The fee ranges from R75 – R150 (£4 – £7.50)